Virtual Regional Receptions

We’re hosting Virtual Regional Receptions throughout the fall to give you an opportunity to connect with your Admissions Counselor, a current Iona student, and other interested students from your area. This is your opportunity to learn about everything Iona has to offer and get all your questions answered. Register Now! 

Meet your personal admissions counselor, connect with other interested students in your area, and learn about everything Iona has to offer at one of our virtual regional receptions.

Long Island:  10/28, 11/12,11/14
Staten Island: 11/4, 11/14
New Jersey:  10/28, 11/14,11/19
New Jersey Catholic Schools:  11/9
Pennsylvania: 11/2
Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens:  10/27,11/14, 11/18, 12/8
NYC Catholic Schools:  11/5
Connecticut:  10/26, 11/5, 11/14
New England:  11/5,11/14
Westchester County, NY:  11/12, 11/21
All Christian Brother High Schools:  11/18
Central Hudson Valley, Rockland, Upstate, Western NY:  11/5, 11/11, 11/16, 11/21
Suffolk Community College Transfer Reception:  11/18
General Transfer Receptions:  12/19, 1/20
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Not Scheduled